About me

I’m Donnie and I work in IT.

I didn’t plan on a career in IT. I wanted to be a fighter pilot. Unfortunately, I found that my eyesight and complete lack of depth perception disqualified me from that dream. With that door firmly shut, I wandered aimlessly through the halls of the local state college trying to decide what I wanted to be. I changed majors more than once. Eventually I graduated with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, with concentrations in math and economics.

I started my career in financial services but quickly stumbled into IT when my employer had an immediate need for people to support our trading software. Apart from a 12-month layoff followed by another year in financial services, I’ve been in IT ever since.

Most of my experience has been as an administrator and developer of enterprise systems and tools. I do enjoy what I do, and right now what I do is develop solutions in ServiceNow.


About this site

Posts here will largely focus on ServiceNow. The goal of this site is to share what I learn with you and also with my future self, who will undoubtedly have forgotten some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

I have comments turned off for now. I don’t really promote the site and in its earlier incarnation the comments were almost entirely spambots. Who has time for that?

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